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Meet a Reliable Kitchen Remodeler That Will Change Your Life

Want to change? Start it with your environment. Create the best comfort zone. JC Masonry is a remodeler you can talk to for any innovative or classic home upgrades. No matter how challenging the task is, expect that we’ll deliver results beyond expectations. Find out more of our secrets for delivering top-notch services in Beverly, MA by exploring here.

Services We Offer

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors
Enjoy our top-notch quality hardwood flooring servicesh. We can work with vinyl, laminate, solid, engineered, and parquet hardwood. We do installation, repairs, refinishing, and sanding. If you can't decide what's the best type of timber to use for the hardwood, know that consulting us is the best choice.
Bathroom Remodeling
Upgrade your bathroom experience. Say goodbye to the growing numbers of molds and mildews on your ceiling and walls. We're ready to get rid of it. We can do the tiling, new fixtures installation, countertops, and so much more! We have some nice drafts you can look at in case you're looking for inspiration.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling
Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home. Make sure that it'll be able to keep up with your lifestyle and current standards. If you have a growing family, additional appliances, and new hobbies, now might be a good time to remodel it. Make your dream kitchen a reality. Our remodeling contractor will make it happen.

Stairs Break

Stairs Break
Do you have a broken stair? Keep it up to standards. We also do stair repairs and improvements. We can add, replace, and improve handrails. We can change the height and size of the riser and tread for your safety. Let us perform some inspections so that we can determine issues you may not aware of and set expectations.


Need help in framing your addition? How about replacing your doors or windows? We love to be part of your home improvements! If you have any carpentry tasks such as trimming or molding, just call our name. This is our area of expertise. Consider the job done perfectly within the promised timeframe.

Interior Painting

Interior Painting
Want to change the atmosphere? We highly recommend our interior painting service. Know what's the best type and color combination of paints you can use for your kitchen, master's bedroom, or even living room. We love to show you some interesting options. Get ready to learn about their pros and cons such as drying time.

Consult Our Bathroom Remodeling Specialists

Do any of our services fancy your interests? Let us guide you further. We love to hear your plans and are excited to make it even better by introducing solutions you may not be aware of. Once that has been finalized, we won’t waste time with the execution. We’ll be very thorough with the preparation as well we the implementation of every task. Meet our experienced bathroom remodeling contractors. We’ll perform quality assurance tests before leaving the site to attend to other clients. We won’t miss schedule or perform alterations unless you know and agree on the effects.

When to Hire a Professional Bathroom Remodeling Contractors?

There are times when it’s more strategic to DIY, and there are also times when it’s more cost-effective to contact experts. Doing big remodeling is one of those. Working with a remodeling contractor might sound expensive, but it’s cost-effective in many situations. For starters, you don’t need to invest in basic tools in case you don’t have them. We know the process. We can introduce cost-effective solutions that won’t destroy the quality of the project. We can avoid issues such as redoes that will lead to additional expenses. We can offer you more. Discover what our kitchen remodeling company prepares in store for you by checking us today.

The Areas We Cater to

You don’t have to be from the Beverly, MA area to have your home remodeled. We are also able to make improvements to the homes of our clients in the surrounding areas. So, make sure to check out the list of additional areas we’re catering to below to see if yours is included.

  • Danvers Town, MA
  • Swampscott, MA
  • Lynnfield, MA
  • Saugus Town, MA
  • Marblehead Town, MA

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JC Masonry is a company that never disappoints. We offer some of the finest remodeling services in the area, and that’s something you shouldn’t miss.

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Client’s Testimonial

May 6, 2021
by Anna L. on JC Masonry
Remodeling Contractor

You're remodeling contractor is truly the best! I'm very impressed with your professionalism. I may not be an expert in this field but your team did a good job explaining the process. I love it when they give me reports of the progress. Truly fantastic!   

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